“With James’s guidance and positive, open and caring approach I started to feel like myself again, and got my confidence back. I have since found a new love of life. My sessions with James helped me realise there was a lot more to why I wasn’t feeling right about where I was in my life. It was only by chance and luck that I started seeing him, and to pursue that curiosity was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” Jenna

“My sessions with James have been challenging, enlightening and hugely enjoyable. He has created a safe space for me to work through and express things in a way I haven’t found before. James really ‘gets’ what I’m saying and is so good at identifying what the issues are, through the jumbled mess I’ve often presented him with.” Christine

“James has helped me to discover the me I wasn’t aware of, or at least had been ignoring. I have used his advice and counselling to listen more acutely to others, as well as to my own inner feelings. I cannot recommend James highly enough to help open up your past, in order to find the answers for the present and ultimately the future.” Donald

” I am very picky about who I confide in so for me meeting James was a case of the right person at the right time. He did not tell me what to do or how to solve anything. He did, however, listen with sincerity and kindness. He encouraged me to get in touch with my own personal integrity and I liked the fact that I was able to come up with my own answers. Really powerful stuff.” Dagmar