My Practice

My approach is to meet you wherever you ask to be met, and then I become your guide to support you in reaching your goals.

The Holistic system I use involves powerful tools to bring you back to yourself, and to help you shift old patterns and stories. They begin the process of creating a sense of how you want your life to be, and provide a map of how to get there. This is about using the potency of the will to bring a sense of empowerment and ownership back to your life.

To support your transition I use:

  • NLP-based coaching interventions
  • Physical movement and body-based techniques
  • Mindfulness and presencing
  • Diet and nutrition

If appropriate we may use Soul-Centred Therapy to help you engage with a deeper sense of being, and to begin relating with yourself in a more authentic and honest way. In a culture that celebrates self-reliance, ambition and success as the benchmarks of a life well-lived, it can be bewildering and even painful to embrace a way of being that aligns with soul. When that time comes, I listen and offer ways and means of making the journey an enlightening and vital one.

I work from my home, online, in clinic space, and outside in nature.

Single session: £50 per hour.

3 x Sessions: £135

I also offer a limited number of places each month at a discounted rate for people who are financially disadvantaged.